Vince Cavaseno Bio

FO3A7136Vince Cavaseno, President

Vince Cavaseno is the founder and guiding spirit behind SpaceAge. After working in process research for General Foods and as a partner in a gaming club called Chess City, Vince started his career in publishing with a role as associate editor at Chemical Engineering magazine. He made the unheard of move from editorial to sales, winning the coveted salesman of the year award two years in a row. Vince’s publishing career spanned a range of publications including Plastics Technology, Contemporary Long-term Care, Industrial Distribution, CPI Purchasing, Design News, The Manufacturer and Supply Chain Management Review. Vince held the role of publisher at those last two magazines.

In 2004, Vince launched SpaceAge as a Rep firm providing ad sales to both B2B and B2C publications. The firm has represented publications in a variety of B2B markets including logistics/material handling, engineering, architecture, manufacturing and plant maintenance. On the consumer side, the firm has managed sales in women’s, home and regional publications. SpaceAge staff has also sold booth space for B2B and B2C trade shows.

In 2009, Vince expanded SpaceAge into the public relations, advertising and marketing business. His experience in engineering, writing, and sales makes SpaceAge ideally positioned to handle a wide variety of clients, including those involved in industrial machinery, tools, engineered products, architectural products, healthcare, logistics and material handling equipment. (Please see the portfolio section for examples of work that SpaceAge has done in these areas)

Vince’s education in science, engineering and technology began early in life. As a boy he worked in his family’s radio-TV repair shop (which also sold records). He attended Brooklyn Technical High School, an institution that provides a unique combination of academic and practical training, and he has a B.S. in chemical engineering from the New York University Polytechnic Institute (formerly Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn). In college he worked for a company that manufactured communications and radar equipment for the US Government.

Vince is an avid guitarist and singer and is a huge Beatles fan. He lives in Brookline and is proud of the fact that his commute is a four-minute walk. When not in Boston, Vince can often be found visiting his daughter and granddaughter in Barcelona.